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Last year, at the height of the pandemic, Xero rolled out pilot versions of its short-term cash flow and business snapshot tools to customers for free to help them plan in uncertain times. Xero Gaming served as the new website of the community for the old Legendofzelda.com website. It operated a wide range of news, blog, reviewing, and other community content.

You may wonder if online accounting software is being discussed on social media and it is! COVID-19 is deeply affecting small businesses and our accounting and bookkeeping partners – as you are the financial key advisor helping to navigate your clients through this crisis. Please make sure you check our dedicated blog on ways we are supporting our customers and partners during COVID-19.

xero community

But Keri took the time to talk with me for about a half hour that day. I came away from that conversation feeling very honored that Keri spent this time, one on one, with me. She asked me about my interactions with Xero employees. I felt like I had the opportunity to represent all the Xero bookkeepers in the US and share a little about what our needs and dreams are. Click here to see a video of the story Keri shared at Xerocon Austin. As I began to focus on and transform our bookkeeping business with Xero, I began to notice something about the people working for and with Xero. I was reminded of this when I attended Xerocon Austin last month.

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Xero Community Manager and asked her to walk us through a day in the life of her work. Reach our global Kiwi community through the Kea international job portal. Won Life in South Africa – supporting the vulnerable within the community of Fisantekraal through health and educational services, especially those that are now affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Black Business Professional Association in Canada – serving the Black community’s business, professional and economic development needs. It’s not always easy to know how to help in times of crisis.

Our objective within the Social Media space was to bring Xero on Air to life by focusing on driving the sense of community as well as awareness, registrations, and engagement. Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, unearned revenue agencies and non-profits can have on society. He has a background in journalism and has worked for companies like the BBC and HuffPost, as well as start ups in education and technology. Andrew has also published 5 food books and makes a great pie. How Fathom helped Shorts increase monthly business by an average of £300 per client.

xero community

Sign up for a personalized demo of the app and get 20% off your first three months of services. XeroTriggers when a new purchase order is created or enters a status for the first time. Invision CommunityTriggers when a new gallery image review is made, or approved by a moderator. Invision CommunityTriggers when a new gallery image comment is made, or approved by a moderator.

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New Tech Global has been in the oil and gas consulting industry for over 20 years specializing in engineering, project management and well site supervision. Over the years, as requested by some of the largest oil/gas operators and service companies in the world, we’ve expanded our business from consultancy services to staffing as well. We provide W-2 contractors too many different industries including oil/gas, energy, petrochemical, manufacturing, industrial, construction, and medical. NTG has offices in Houston, Midland, Fort Worth, Denver, and Canonsburg, PA as well as international offices in Mexico City and Dubai.

  • For example, our team will prescreen the candidate and determine if they are the right fit for the company and position.
  • Invision CommunityTriggers when a new gallery image review is made, or approved by a moderator.
  • Use our mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims – from anywhere.
  • Kea Connect is a free service that will help your business grow offshore.
  • You can get technical help with the Xero API, solve issues, swap ideas and tips and let us know how Xero’s accounting software is working out for you.
  • Oftentimes people ask me why I choose Xero as our cloud accounting platform.

Webinar Management Suite Monetize and enhance your online events and webinars. Membership Management Suite Retain, engage, and grow your member community. “I’ve been fortunate to have attended quite a few Xerocons where I’ve met and learned from so many industry peers. The challenge is that Xerocon is only once a year and isn’t always easy to get to. What’s great about Xero Hours is that I get to establish a similar community of peers, but they’re right in my hometown and I get to meet with them every month! ” said Kenji Kuramoto, owner of Acuity and host of Atlanta Xero Hour.

Synchronize your ticket types as line items in Xero for a more full accounting experience that’s built for your event or membership needs. Manage your events and memberships with ease by integrating your Xero account for a more complete engagement management experience. Xero Hour connects like-minded accounting and bookkeeping professionals to accelerate the sharing of thoughts, leadership, and industry happenings. With over 3000 members connected to the Xero Hour community, Xero Hour has been a proven success for accounting and bookkeeping professionals.

19.5k people registered which was 144% over the initial target. There were 2.9m+ impressions and 29k interactions on our social content alone and we drove 4k people to the landing page which made up 20.5% of the total registrations.

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We use cookies to improve security, personalize the user experience, enhance our marketing activities and for other business use. Xero onboarded over 550 new employees during the year and enhanced capabilities in product, technology, data, strategy, financial services, corporate development, and risk, it said.

Vamos said small businesses make up more than 90% of businesses in the markets Xero operates in, and represent a significant contribution to economic activity, jobs, and the community. “The value and importance our customers place on their subscription and connection to the broader Xero community is increasing.” Analytics Plus supercharges forecasts and reporting to give growing small businesses greater flexibility and foresight over their business.

The integration enables seamless import of expense accounts into Expensify and sends expense reports back to Xero as purchasing bills awaiting payment or “spend money” bank transactions. Using pattern-matching and predictive algorithms, short-term cash flow in Analytics Plus can detect and predict regular cash expenses and income over the next week, month or quarter. Businesses can see their future potential cash flow, the impact of upcoming expenses and discover opportunities to bring cash into the business by invoicing customers sooner, changing payment times or requesting a deposit. Owners can also plan for multiple scenarios by manually adding transactions to see how they might affect their cash position into the future. Available from today, Xero Analytics Plus combines cash flow forecasting featuring advanced predictions and insightful business reporting tools, directly available in Xero.

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So, Xero has set up a Community Appeal, making it easier to contribute and help make life better for communities around the world. Try these tips to make managing overdue invoices as easy as possible. In addition to these rules for playing nice, the use of the community is subject to the Xero terms of use and the Xero privacy policy.

This includes information on our Business Continuity Hub which features resources to help support you, your people and your business through the uncertainty of COVID-19 such as how to access government stimulus packages for small business. We’ve also set up a community space on the Hub for our customers and partners to share their experiences. We’ll continue to add useful resources and information to this page as they xero community become available. We needed a Xero expert on the end of our social media accounts – right from the start we wanted to be accessible and human and available to our customers wherever they were and whatever their question. So being around for a while with knowledge across our entire business, and understanding our brand and responsibilities as a public company I took on a role to be the voice of Xero on social media.

Xero Gaming, historically, was never dedicated to Zelda, and often strayed as far away from any Zelda-specific talk as often as possible. Hence the name, “Xero Gaming”, denoting a general gaming perspective.


The domain “” was owned by Chance still, and instead of deleting it or letting it expire, it was renamed “” and the server was converted to house LoZ.com’s vast amounts of media content. However, at some unknown time, the domain expired, and is now operated by parties unrelated to LoZ.com. XG was reborn, and instead of focusing on general gaming issues, the site at first was dedicated to talking about how corrupt LoZ.com and its staff, particularly Link of Hyrule and KingKrazyLink, were. Eventually, it became focused around text-based Role Playing Games, specifically one titled “Siege of the Nations”, which at one point was being compiled into a book form for publishing, but the project never came to fruition. Another main page was constructed, but it did not garner much attention from staff or member alike.

For a while there, I was known as the Xero Twittress, but that didn’t stick as we grew our community across multiple platforms. That was a decade ago, and still to this day I’m there, one of the human beings at the end of comments, accolades, rants and anything else posted to us on social media. Given the COVID-19 situation, we made the decision to cancel our live events early in 2020. Xero On Air was born out of the need to share the amazing work the team at Xero was delivering and continue to share useful and meaningful content with our community. Oftentimes people ask me why I choose Xero as our cloud accounting platform.

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The history of XG starts with the promise of LoZ.com’s rebirth by Link of Hyrule in early 2003. Despite this promise, the most the users at the time got for almost a year was a teaser page promising the return, and some phpBB forums set up on Lycos.co.uk hosting.

Invision CommunityTriggers when a new member account is created (whether by registering, created by an administrator, etc.), regardless of validation status. We know Xerocon is the highlight on the calendar for thousands of our partners (and us too!). But with great uncertainty on the year ahead, we must prioritise our community’s health and safety and allow you to stay focused on your communities during this difficult time. After assessing all the guidance from global authorities and relevant government agencies around travel and large-scale gatherings, we feel this is the right thing to do to ensure the health and wellbeing of our customers and our employees. Amaka is a professional software designed by professional CPAs, Tax agents and certified experts in Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB.

There are 24 separate Xero Hour groups throughout the United States. As we continue to adapt in these difficult times, all businesses are making tough decisions about how we operate to keep people safe and healthy. We’re also all looking for new ways to stay connected, share experiences and offer support to each other as we navigate the months ahead. Unless you have normal balance been living under a rock for the last several years, you will most likely have heard of Xero and know that it’s one of the fastest growing and most effective cloud accounting platforms available on the market. Kea Connect is a free service that will help your business grow offshore. We connect you personally with regional, sector-specific experts and peers.

Xero Gaming can colloquially be referred to as simply “XG” for simplicity. Kick your feet up as your invoices get automatically sent and synchronized from your EventBank account all the way to your Xero books. Partner Programs Help us transform professional communities by becoming a Glue Up Partner.

However, I can assure you that Xerocon Sydney will be back in 2021 better than ever. As well as exceeding our targets, we also successfully created an online community in a time when it was needed the most. Considering NTG’s reputation in the oilfield along with our success in staffing, we would be a great staffing partner for any company. We have structured our Recruiting group to strategically best serve the needs of our clients. We have taken our knowledge of the high demand, technical experience and 24 hour service of the oilfield and have been able to adapt to other industries.

All of our team members are certified in Xero, our team members have embraced technology, and we are constantly learning and challenging ourselves to be even better. As the team has expanded, we also are having team members specialize in specific areas of expertise. Kea is here to help New Zealand businesses grow offshore. Be inspired and hear advice from businesses who have created their export path. In New Zealand, the chosen charity is Women’s Refuge, an organisation aimed at helping women and children experiencing domestic violence. This is especially important during COVID-19 when they are more at risk due to social distancing and self isolation. They do incredible work to support women and children experiencing domestic violence across New Zealand, by providing safe accommodation, food, counselling, legal assistance and much more.

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