The small type: Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis have observed the Northern Lights, used an African Safari, already been swimming with untamed pigs in the Bahamas, and liked burgandy or merlot wine in Bordeaux, France. And additionally they’ve done it-all any way you like. The happy couple not merely report their unique getaways to bucket-list destinations additionally provide enough advice to other people on the blog, Luxe Adventure Traveler. Jennifer and Tim provide tips about traveling with a good blend of adventure and deluxe. That message resonates with couples exactly who want to avoid with one another while also having encounters off of the outdone course.


I am a full time tourist for the last four many years, thus I know the distinction between luxury travel and adventure vacation. I’ve hiked previous volcanoes to see emerald-green thermal ponds in brand-new Zealand while staying in cheap hostels and consuming takeaway veggie pies. I have additionally seen Mayan wrecks regarding Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico while ending my day at an all-inclusive vacation resort with decadent food and day spa remedies.

Both were fantastic encounters, but I have found the combination of adventure and deluxe visit be outstanding.

The primary reason i discovered me booking hostel beds at age 40 — certainly, I was often one of many earliest during the dorm — was because I didn’t learn how to reserve vacation options designed for my personal needs. Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis currently specializing in that hybrid sorts of vacation for almost ten years on their web log, Luxe Adventure Traveler.

Exactly what began as a personal travel journal features evolved into one of the more preferred vacation blogs online. It is created for people who like to explore like young ones but remain like adults.

“Tim is an adventurous, durable, backyard individual, while i prefer just a bit of deluxe,” Jennifer stated. “I like to go hiking and kayaking with him, but I also like a hot shower and a comfy sleep at the end of it. Our very own web log arrived with each other as a compromise between those two variations and passions, and now we developed Luxe Adventure Traveler to mix all of them.”

A Go-To getaway thinking origin for Millions

The web log started when Tim’s armed forces service got him to Italy, and Jennifer chose to write a web log simply for people they know and family members.

“They don’t see clearly, but other folks performed,” she mentioned. “We took it from that point.”

With the aid of a friend who was simply taking part in digital advertising and marketing, they shifted the path for the authorship and started initially to develop educational parts that supported as guides, discussing itineraries and getaway a few ideas that people could follow whenever they planned a similar trip.

Audience relate genuinely to the couple because they’re perhaps not digital nomad sydneys who don’t have property base. Jennifer and Tim have actually a property they enjoy returning to, like the majority of travelers with conventional jobs. That differentiates your blog from other web sites created for people who sell their own belongings to search worldwide.

“About three in years past, we focused on the website, and it turned into a full time work personally. The coming year, whenever Tim retires through the army, he’ll consider it full-time nicely,” Jennifer mentioned. “we’ve 2 million visitors annually, and about 50per cent originate from america and 20per cent from the UNITED KINGDOM. The visitors are typically between 30 and half a century outdated. Since we are in our belated 30s our selves, it makes sense that people who identify with our company and our very own period of life are the primary readers.”

Customers Love the Personalized Feeling that produces these Trust Luxe Adventure Traveler’s Advice

One cause your blog is now very popular is actually Jennifer and Tim offer personalized tips and program they love their own audience. Jennifer said they respond to every mail and discuss social media since they love engaging with regards to followers.

“easily had a question, I would never ever email extreme vacation book. But, with the web log, we have been associated with our market, and now we simply take pleasure in the undeniable fact that we’re individuals, not companies,” Jennifer mentioned.

Usually, visitors just want to make sure obtainedn’t kept your regional places from their articles because they’re too-good and couple does not want all of them overrun by people. Which is particularly so for excursions to Bordeaux, France, where couple resides.

“many people make contact with united states about planning a trip to Bordeaux since it is all of our home,” Jennifer mentioned. “we do not hide any information or not share the most popular things, but occasionally people would like to know much more. And when you email some body or have a discussion, it is possible to feel their unique enthusiasm behind it.”

Partners Can Deepen Their relationships By Traveling Together

Luxe Adventure Traveler supplies info on various types of excursions. If you want to approach a three-day getaway, consider every itineraries Jennifer and Tim have posted that will help you approach a long weekend. Bucket number excursions may highlighted regarding web log.

“We carry on three-day area breaks loads or one- to two-week trips, just like those who have old-fashioned careers,” Jennifer said. “We started those itineraries to correspond with exactly how we had been touring, and anyone can see what we noticed, remain where we stayed, consume where we consumed. They are able to discover all of those situations right on our internet site.”

Jennifer additionally advises that most lovers travel collectively before getting hitched. The tension, doubt, and togetherness you have with your partner during a trip can give you a preview of how well you’ll receive along in daily life.

“It tests being compatible and just how you problem-solve together. Dealing with various dialects are challenging and place pressure on the relationships,” she mentioned. “that is anything every person must do if your wanting to plunge into wedding, merely travel together and come out of the safe place and normal at-home life.”

After taking a trip together, a lot of lovers are better ready to attempt a lifetime of adventure.

Generate New Memories With Luxe Adventure Traveler

In addition to creating the website, Jennifer and Tim are intending to increase their focus to feature a specialized concert tour in Bordeaux.

“within Bordeaux, tourist has actually truly started initially to appear — and it is all drink tourist. In southwest of France, they pride themselves on enjoying great food, but nobody is performing meals tours,” Jennifer said. “that is one of our favorite approaches to enjoy a city, so we intend a walking food tour when you look at the town of Bordeaux.”

The couple is also looking forward to meeting a lot more of their unique readers. One viewer along with her family went on a cruise that she was in fact thinking of and planned it with assistance from the blog. She contacted Jennifer and invited the couple on the sail together.

“After the afternoon, vacation is one thing that’s an extra, whether you travel on a tight budget or otherwise not,” Jennifer mentioned. “We just be sure to help individuals to generate those recollections and people once-in-a-lifetime encounters they can discuss together and pass it right down to their own kids. That’s what it’s all about for people.”