Really, first and foremost, performed the guy ask? If he’s gotn’t suggested or required a dowry, then you certainly’re probably freaking over absolutely nothing. But let’s imagine for discussion’s sake that he did inquire about your turn in relationship or was severely hinting at it.

Sample, “whenever do you see united states getting married?” or “we ought to totally visit the Eiffel Tower for the five-year anniversary.” Should this be your situation while know you are not ready for matrimony, then you will want getting completely truthful with him.

If you like him and then he really likes you, it shouldn’t make a difference once you get married. Stay him straight down and describe you have noticed him bringing-up the subject much. The reasoning behind not-being prepared is entirely your responsibility.

Perchance you’re concentrating on your work? That’s reasonable. Or you intend to finish off your own post-education before you take in another obligation. Additionally, extremely fair.

In case you are aware inside gut heis just not suitable guy for your family, that never change. Either you learn or you have no idea and in case you’re investing time wanting to find it out, you will want to likely be completely truthful with not just him, but yourself.